Orbx has ongoing projects with below companies:

In partnership with NVIDIA, we’re happy to bring you the Taipei Xinyi District Freeware pack which includes 18 key points of interest buildings like Taipei 101, Taipei World Trade Center, and more, giving Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 enthusiasts a more immersive real world feel to the iconic Taipei district.

For over 30 years, Aerosoft GmbH has been acknowledged for high-quality simulation products.

Orbx has partnership agreements with below companies to distribute their works through OrbxDirect:

Parallel 42 offers solutions for simmers to make their simulation experience more immersive.

Creating professional level simulations for flight training, military training and the home flight simulation hobbyist. 

Adventum Simulations focuses on providing flight simulation pilots with custom immersive experiences.

Aerial Simulations aims to make fun, interesting and immersive aircraft for everyone to experience.

Brazilian regional scenario developers for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

AeroDesigns was established in 2019 and their focus is on MSFS 2020 and expanding their current airport range.

Whether you are looking for historic military, modern jet fighters, heavy jetliners or classics, we have built them all.

Making addons for X-Plane 11.

Modelling in 3D famous lighthouses.

AmSim is a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 scenery creator from Armenia.

AUscene developments are designed with attention to detail and high levels of realism to allow an immersive experience.

Aviation Sans Frontières has been putting the resources and skills of the aeronautical world at the service of humanitarian aid

Aviotek Simulation Software was founded in 2015 with the aim of taking the flight simulation experience to a next level.

Axonos develops high quality addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X Plane.

AzurPoly is creating high fidelity content for flight simulation. Accurate 3D models, detailed textures and study level systems are our keywords to produce immersive aircraft.

BMW airports make the experience of the simulator more realistic.

We really want you to forget about the numbers and just get in, fly the plane and enjoy yourself. 

Enhanced Skyscapes is replacing default sky and clouds with realistic procedural shader-based sky and fully volumetric clouds.

Blackbird Simulations has been building on a long history of supplying high quality and accurate 3d models and animations.

A collaboration between BEAUTIFUL MODEL of the WORLD and AmSim bringing you detailed MSFS scenery.

Boris Audio Works is run by Boris Vanian who has been making sounds for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulators.

Burning Blue Design was set up with one purpose, to create outstanding Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery.

Explore the great Canadian wilderness and airways with CFSS scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and XPlane 11.

Cartayna Files became the largest and most experienced GSX configuration developer in the market.

Cli4D Desisgns is an independent scenery creator who specializes in developing tropical-themed scenery addons with a strong emphasis on detail and realism.

Bringing Asia to Life in the world of Flight Simulation

Cowan Simulation is known for realistic X-Plane models, such as the 206B3, 206L3, 222B, 222UT, 500E and H125/AS350B3e. 

Creative Mesh was founded in 2016 by enthusiasts of 3D modeling and game development. 

Digital Design’s developer uses over 10 years of experience in scenery design since FlightSimulator 9.

Drzewiecki Design specializes in software development for flight simulators. 

FeelThere’s diverse range of products are used by aviation enthusiasts, pilots, companies and even students.

Producing some of the most detailed scenery products for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

The Fly2High team strives to provide simulation products of high quality at reasonable prices. 

FlyBoy Simulations is a small business focused on delivering high-quality flight simulation content.

FlyTampa has been leading airport design for more than a decade, providing immersive environments for Flight Simulation and professional training.

France VFR® is a software extension development studio for flight simulation created in 2004 in Brittany near Rennes.

Learn instrument and visual flight, race head to head against an AI opponent, handle difficult emergencies or embark on magnificent journeys across the globe.

FSimStudios has over 6 years’ experience in developing software for commercial and professional Flight Simulator platforms such as Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and Laminar Research X-Plane.

Gaya Simulations was founded in 2014 as a small airport and scenery developer for FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane 11. 

GazSim was founded in 2018, with an interest and focus on bespoke sceneries within a variety of driving and flight simulators.

GeoReality Design specialises in the analysis and utilisation of geospatial data, to provide unparalleled immersion into your flight simulation experience

Golden Key Studio (GKS) are a young team of aviation enthusiasts located in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. 

The main goal of the Hungary VFR team is to bring as many airports and landmarks to Hungary as we can and to have an authentic library for the area.

Impulse Simulations was founded in 2019, passionate about providing content with an extreme attention to detail that brings realism to their products.

Flight simulation project by Dino Cattaneo: home of the F-35 Lightning II, the Eurofighter Typhoon, the S-211 and many other payware and freeware projects for FSX, P3D and X-Plane 11.

IRIS products are developed using the latest 3D toolsets and cutting edge programs to deliver our customers the best solution we can.

JetStream Designs has been creating detailed airport sceneries for flight simulation since 2013. 

MM Simulations gives importance to accuracy and also attention to detail in every single project. 

Providing high-quality addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Focusing mainly in Military Scenery products, missions and aircraft.

MK-STUDIOS was founded back in 2008 as a company focused on flight simulation software development for both professional and entertainment purposes. 

We are a small Microsoft Flight Sim scenery/aircraft developing group of enthusiasts developing for various simulator since 2010. 

MXI Design develops sceneries for X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Northern Sky’s aim is to create airports that have great attention to detail and to make them as realistic as possible. 

Novawing24 (aka Tristan) is an Australian creative content producer, gamer, and flight simulation addict.

NZA Simulations ethos is centered around Next Level Flight Sim Add-ons by pushing boundaries to bring you the complete scenery experience through extensive detailing.

Pilot Plus create feature rich environments for flight simulation. We pride ourselves in delivering authentic experiences, capturing the true airport atmosphere through extensive detail.

PILOT’S was founded in 1995 and has been at the forefront of innovative flight simulation software ever since. 

Propair Flight is delighted to deliver high quality airport sceneries and aircrafts for the flight simulation enthusiasts.

Pushback Studio brings airports to life capturing the feeling of each location with high levels of realism.

REX Simulations is an award-winning developer and industry leader in flight simulation environment software for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

Roman Design offers Canadian Airports for MSFS.

SamScene3D was founded in 2016. We specialize in creating city scenery for P3D and MSFS2020, however we are going to bring more airport scenery creations for the sim flyers all over the world.

SaviArt develops airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator to bring you to the best experience.

Seafront Simulations are a brand new developer with a love for flight simulators and keen interest in the nautical. 

Shunts Scenery launched into the scenery development space for Microsoft Flight Simulator in mid 2020.

A flight simmer happened to work in the VFX industry, trying to share my own scenery with sim lovers around the world.

Sim Skunk Works develops military aircraft models, realistic scenarios, network systems, Air Combat solutions, to make flight simulation as attractive as possible.

Simultech creates innovative products thanks to twenty-year experts in 3D graphics. 

SimWorks Studios is a developer of high quality flight simulation add-ons, aimed at creating not just a simulation, but the experience!

SLHsimdesigns specializes in developing high-fidelity and Immersive Airport Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

SoFly is designed to support everyone who is looking to experience flight simulation with innovative, quality products that make the learning experience informative, engaging and fun.

Sonicviz crafts custom technology solutions to solve hard problems.

TAIMODELS was founded in 2020 with the responsibility of making realistic products for flight simulation. 

Started in 1995, Earthstar Geographics offers a wide range of experience and expertise in satellite remote sensing, image processing, and related technologies. 

Based in Greece, Terrainy Studios develops high quality, realistic scenery and study level aircraft for flight simulation.

TFDi Design is a Flight Simulation-based technology and software development company. 

Experience the exhilarating world of aviation like never before with Schedule Packs by VA Schedules, brought to you by DARKOCEAN.

Verticalsim puts high-quality American airports in the hands of the flightsim community.

Founded in March 2016, WF Scenery Studio (WFSS) has become a tier-one scenery producer in Chinese flightsim community.