ArchVis Services

Design Phase to DA

Whether you’re looking to have accurate visualisation to refine designs or need to pitch a project to investors, Orbx will create 3D perspectives that showcase the intended design. Using industry leading tools to enliven designs, including photomontage and 3D video walk fly throughs.

Our service allows assessment of impacts of shadows and on views which can be used for development applications. Crucial capabilities for the design phase, allowing you to refine spaces with precision before construction begins.

Off Plan Sales and Marketing

Orbx can provide as suite of marketing stills, video and walk throughs to sell your concept and design to prospective buyers.

Our visualisations enhances sales efforts by providing realistic, immersive visualisations of properties, helping clients make informed decisions and driving higher engagement.

Community Engagement

Orbx has the know how to deliver renders to facilitate community engagement by offering vivid, accessible depictions of proposed developments, fostering transparency and dialogue.

These visualizations empower communities to provide valuable feedback and make informed decisions about the future of their neighbourhoods.

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