Why Digital Twin

Why you should have your assets in digital world

Imagine a parallel universe where every tangible asset, product, or process has its digital doppelgänger. That’s precisely what a Digital Twin is – a virtual replica of a physical entity, meticulously crafted to mimic its real-world counterpart in every aspect.

It all starts with your project. Whether it’s a building, a boat, a new product or just a dream. Our team can create the digital version of your product from pictures, videos, blueprints or geospatial data we make it come alive in digital environment. It can be as realistic as you demand or can be completely transformed into a new version.

Then we create the world around it. Orbx has experience in creating cities, towns, airport catchment areas, landmarks – you name it. We can recreate a realistic environment or a virtual environment that you want.

Videos, Renders, Stories. Once everything is ready, we can animate it depending on your needs. Need a high quality render of your building on a sunny day? Done. Would you like to have a video of planes taking off while you show off your new terminal at dusk? Easy. Perhaps you’d like to show the parts of your engineering design bit by bit? Or a voice over as the camera shows your asset as seasons and time of day change to give an idea of how it looks in different environments? Yes we can do that too.

How can you use digital twins?

plane take off

Market Your Company

Digital Twins are great for marketing presentations and videos. You can create any scenario, in any lighting environment with any camera angle to tell your story in a unique way.

Train Your Staff

You can use videos created in digital environment to train your team members. Lifelike environments can show everyone how to handle hypothetical situations, make excellent orientation material for new starters.

Communicate With Communities

Your projects deserve the best representation. We can help you create amazing renders and videos to show everyone how a project will look like.

Drivable / Walkable Environments

You can benefit from having your digital twin as an executable file to walk and drive inside and outside of your project before it’s finished! We can create the environment of your current buildings in a safe environment where anyone can play like a game to discover and learn about how it looks/feels like without even being there.

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