Simulation Training

High quality environments for any virtual training

Creating Realistic Training Environments

Orbx specialises in delivering high-quality textures of towns, cities, and airports, enriching cadets’ learning experiences. Our textures recreate real-world environments, providing the intricate details necessary for authentic training scenarios. With our customisable solutions and dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we are committed to equipping flight training academies with the resources they need to cultivate skilled aviators and elevate the standard of aviation education.

Tailor Your Training Environment

Orbx enhances simulator environments with true-to-life sceneries, compatible with various platforms, including Prepar3D, X-Plane, and MSFS. Regardless of your chosen platform, our commitment to realism ensures that users can experience environments that strongly replicate real-world landscapes. Whether navigating Prepar3D’s intricate environments, experiencing X-Plane’s dynamic weather systems, or enjoying MSFS’s stunning visuals, we provide the enhancements needed to elevate your simulation experience across diverse platforms.

Developing Interactive Learning Environment

We utilise the power of Unreal Engine to create true-to-life scenarios tailored to your needs. Whether observing operational stages, learning procedures, or familiarising with organisational protocols, we offer dynamic solutions to enhance training experiences. Picture providing newcomers with a walkable environment for hands-on learning experiences or engaging recurrent training sessions with interactive simulations. 

Customized Training Solutions

At Orbx, we understand that one size does not fit all in training solutions. That’s why we offer fully customised scenario-based training solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Our team is ready to deliver whether you require specialised videos for recurrent training or detailed simulations of specific flight destinations. Orbx provides the flexibility and expertise to optimise your training programs effectively, whether that’s replicating real-world scenarios or crafting bespoke training environments.

Multi Vehicle Training

Our simulation environments are designed to accommodate a diverse range of airborne and ground vehicles, catering to your specific training needs. Whether you’re operating aircraft, helicopters, drones, or ground vehicles for training exercises, we’ll have you covered. Our simulations offer the realism required to accurately replicate various training scenarios, empowering pilots and operators to hone their skills confidently. 

Check out Volanta – our flight tracking solution for an even better integration into your simulation solutions.

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