Aircraft Painter (MSFS)

We are looking for an Aircraft Painter to join our growing aircraft production team, creating content that we sell directly to end users, or commercial organisations.

The Aircraft Painter is responsible for taking the already created “base” livery from the modeller and creating real and fictional liveries. Each aircraft will have 5-10 liveries created.

This role is remote, but if you’re in Melbourne, Australia, you’re welcome to join us in our Essendon Fields office.

Key duties include:

  • Research the aircraft to find both common and special liveries that should be created.
  • Collect reference images for liveries from various online sources.
  • Create liveries, using both geometry- and texture-based techniques, that ship with our aircraft using SDK-provided tools and 3ds Max.
  • Optimise the livery to perform well using the simulator’s LOD system.

If you can wear multiple hats, or are looking to grow your skills further, get in touch with us.

To apply, send your CV to [email protected]. Please be sure to include any flight simulation experience and examples of your work.