Aircraft Systems Integrator (MSFS)

We are looking for an Aircraft Systems Integrator to join our growing aircraft production team, creating content that we sell directly to end users, or commercial organisations.

The Aircraft Systems Integrator is responsible for integrating the animated aircraft models using behaviour scripts, as well as building various systems such as fuel, electrics, and other aircraft configuration using information from aircraft’s manuals or other reference material.

This role is remote, but if you’re in Melbourne, Australia, you’re welcome to join us in our Essendon Fields office.

Key duties include:

  • Research the aircraft and its avionics to find information that assists in the virtual recreation of the systems.
  • Make use of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s model behaviour XML system to tie the model’s nodes and animations into the simulator.
  • Define aircraft geometry (contact points, dimensions) and flight characteristics.
  • Create and design aircraft systems using Microsoft Flight Simulator configuration files.
  • Use internal tools and documentation to write clean and reusable logic.
  • Dependent on experience: creating custom avionics for more advanced aircraft.

Nice to have:

  • Any experience with programming or scripting languages, particularly web technologies (TypeScript, Sass/CSS).
  • Ability to write tools and/or documentation to improve development workflow.
  • Working knowledge of 3ds Max or similar tools.
  • Experience developing add-ons for flight simulators.
  • Real-world flying experience.
  • Real-world access to aircraft or documentation.

If you can wear multiple hats, or are looking to grow your skills further, get in touch with us.

To apply, send your CV to [email protected]. Please be sure to include any flight simulation experience and examples of your work.